8 Steps to Finding the Best Off-site Storage Vendor

Finding the right vendor for off-site records storage looks different for every organization, but making an educated decision starts with gathering information from prospects. PRISM International, the not-for-profit trade association for the information management industry released some guidelines to assist companies in doing their due diligence to find the best vendor for their company. We have posted an abbreviated version of their questionnaire as reference for your off-site storage search.

2014 ASI Green Report

The 2014 ASI Green Report is in and the statistics look good.
It is imperative to the future of business organizations to find a way to securely and sustainably eliminate paper waste. We are excited about the positive impact ASI Document Destruction services have on our environment. Take a look at the report and see how the clients who choose to shred their documents with us participate in saving precious natural resources.

Data Privacy Day 2015

January 28th is Data Privacy Day! Learn more about the National Cyber Security Alliance’s efforts to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust and get tips on how to implement these objectives in your business. Get links to two free webinars on starting your own privacy plan or cutting costs and liability with privacy awareness.

3 Records Tips for Tax Season

This is where a smart records and information management program can ease the pain of tax season for any organization. We suggest focusing efforts on the following three areas to ensure you are ready for tax season: Information Governance, Electronic Filing and Retention Periods.

Plus, see what documents you need for this year’s tax prep.

2015 Records Resolutions

‘Tis the season for New Year’s Resolutions. Chances are you have heard or used one of the following words in the past 24 hours: organize, improve, prepare or reduce. These pretty much sum up what all of us want in the New Year. So here are our suggestions for making your own Records Resolutions and how you can build a plan of action to tackle records management in 2015.

Merry Christmas from ASI

Merry Christmas from all of us at Archives Security. We appreciate all who chose ASI for their records management needs in 2014! Wishing joy and peace during the holiday season and a happy and organized New Year. Let us know how we can help you start 2015 with a smart records management program.

Tackling the EHR Timeline

Consider outsourcing the tedious work so that your office managers can focus on the reporting and implementation side of compliance. A records and information management company like ours is able to focus on the time consuming task of scanning and indexing your records freeing your staff to use their expertise in gaining headway on CMS standards.

EHR acronyms and definitions

Working with healthcare clients and staying up to date on the industries we serve, we noticed that in order to keep up with the constantly changing EHR policies, there is a whole new language of acronyms and technical language to learn. We compiled a list of commonly used acronyms and their definitions free for you to download and share.

4 Steps to Implement Data Breach Contingency Plan

If the news of a growing number of breaches should imply anything, it is that no one is immune to a data breach. However, there are preparations you can engage in now to minimize the harm that a potential breach would wreak on your organization. Consider the following steps to create a Data Breach Contingency Plan for your organization.

Beat the heat: Plan ahead and save your information from disaster

In the wake of a fire or other disaster, vital records are often your company’s first line of defense. Vital records document legal and financial rights, supporting documents are necessary for insurance claims and information accessibility is critical for continuing daily business. There is no doubt that losing paper records or stored data can be additionally devastating in the case of such a disaster.