Can a Record Storage Company Save You Money?

Several years ago we were contacted by a very large firm whose record storage business we had been pursuing for quite some time. They were with one of our competitors at the time (a national company).

They had been using one of their client’s facilities for record storage in addition to storing records in our competitor’s facilities. They had massive amounts of records in two different locations. After many years the

After many years theirRecord storage client said that they must move the records from their facility to somewhere else. After receiving a very large quote from their large national provider for record storage they called us for a competitive quote. We provided a much lower estimate and a more favorable relocation plan. They decided to give us a try.

After successfully relocating and processing thousands of boxes into our facility, our final price was 70% lower than what their large national provider gave them. Within a few years, this company finally moved the rest of their records to us from their large national provider and began saving over 30% compared to what they would have paid if they had not changed to our operation.

So we not only saved them an enormous amount of money to relocate a sizable portion of the records inventory, we also provided very significant ongoing savings