3 Records Tips for Tax Season

This is where a smart records and information management program can ease the pain of tax season for any organization. We suggest focusing efforts on the following three areas to ensure you are ready for tax season: Information Governance, Electronic Filing and Retention Periods.

Plus, see what documents you need for this year’s tax prep.

2015 Records Resolutions

‘Tis the season for New Year’s Resolutions. Chances are you have heard or used one of the following words in the past 24 hours: organize, improve, prepare or reduce. These pretty much sum up what all of us want in the New Year. So here are our suggestions for making your own Records Resolutions and how you can build a plan of action to tackle records management in 2015.

EHR acronyms and definitions

Working with healthcare clients and staying up to date on the industries we serve, we noticed that in order to keep up with the constantly changing EHR policies, there is a whole new language of acronyms and technical language to learn. We compiled a list of commonly used acronyms and their definitions free for you to download and share.

Series: What to keep, SCAN, shred and throw away

In the preceding post I defined a few guidelines for choosing what records organizations need to hold on to. In the same way that holding onto ALL records is inefficient and unnecessary; scanning everything is not the best option either. Because of the tedious and time consuming labor involved in preparing a document for scanning, imaging costs can add up quickly.