The Seven Steps of the Scanning Process

Are you wanting to free up office floor space? Are you tired of having to endlessly search for a single document? Regardless of the specific reason, digitization offers numerous benefits to organizations in any industry. Although taking on a document scanning project may seem intimidating at first, with a good scanning vendor, the process becomes … Continued

5 Tips for Finding the Right Document Scanning Vendor

Beginning a new project with an imaging vendor should be the start of a successful partnership. However, before diving straight in, there are several factors you may need to consider. After all, document scanning is an intensive task, so finding the right partner is essential. Below are five questions to guide your search:   1.  … Continued

2014 ASI Green Report

The 2014 ASI Green Report is in and the statistics look good.
It is imperative to the future of business organizations to find a way to securely and sustainably eliminate paper waste. We are excited about the positive impact ASI Document Destruction services have on our environment. Take a look at the report and see how the clients who choose to shred their documents with us participate in saving precious natural resources.

2015 Records Resolutions

‘Tis the season for New Year’s Resolutions. Chances are you have heard or used one of the following words in the past 24 hours: organize, improve, prepare or reduce. These pretty much sum up what all of us want in the New Year. So here are our suggestions for making your own Records Resolutions and how you can build a plan of action to tackle records management in 2015.

EHR acronyms and definitions

Working with healthcare clients and staying up to date on the industries we serve, we noticed that in order to keep up with the constantly changing EHR policies, there is a whole new language of acronyms and technical language to learn. We compiled a list of commonly used acronyms and their definitions free for you to download and share.