Mini-Storage – Sensitive Information – Bad Idea

Now that your practice or business is been around for five or more years, you’re beginning to build up a lot of paperwork that needs to be stored. You had a good idea, let’s rent a mini-storage unit  and get all of this paperwork out of our way. Do you have sensitive information that is … Continued

Data Privacy Day 2015

January 28th is Data Privacy Day! Learn more about the National Cyber Security Alliance’s efforts to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust and get tips on how to implement these objectives in your business. Get links to two free webinars on starting your own privacy plan or cutting costs and liability with privacy awareness.

4 Steps to Implement Data Breach Contingency Plan

If the news of a growing number of breaches should imply anything, it is that no one is immune to a data breach. However, there are preparations you can engage in now to minimize the harm that a potential breach would wreak on your organization. Consider the following steps to create a Data Breach Contingency Plan for your organization.

Beat the heat: Plan ahead and save your information from disaster

In the wake of a fire or other disaster, vital records are often your company’s first line of defense. Vital records document legal and financial rights, supporting documents are necessary for insurance claims and information accessibility is critical for continuing daily business. There is no doubt that losing paper records or stored data can be additionally devastating in the case of such a disaster.

Series: What to keep, scan, SHRED and THROW AWAY

So far in the series we’ve discussed what documents are permanent and what records are beneficial to scan. So what about when it is time to get rid of paper? Do you know what is safe to throw away and what needs to be shredded?