Mini-Storage – Sensitive Information – Bad Idea

Now that your practice or business is been around for five or more years, you’re beginning to build up a lot of paperwork that needs to be stored. You had a good idea, let’s rent a mini-storage unit  and get all of this paperwork out of our way.

Do you have sensitive information that is being stored in Mini-Storage units? If you do, here are the 10 reasons you should move that information to a secure facility.

1.       The only security you have is a padlockmini-storage

2.       Just because there is a gate doesn’t mean the bad guys can’t get in

3.       There are lots of pests and those Mini-Storage units

4.       There is just one thin piece of metal between you and your neighbor

5.       Water damage is not unusual

6.       Tornadoes, hurricanes, high winds can easily destroy these units

7.       How well do you know the manager?

8.       If you need to do research and is 95° outside how accurate will your employees be?

9.       Have you looked at the true cost of delivering to the warehouse, arranging boxes, finding information you need, cleanup and destruction?

10.   How do you know if you’re missing boxes?

Bonus question – if information was stolen, how long would it be before you knew it?

There are many ways that information is stolen and sold. Criminals are always looking for the easiest way to acquire the information. If your doctor, dentist, lawyer and storing information one of these mini-storage units, it is not hard to figure out and is easier to steal it.

The amount of money that you saved by using a mini-storage unit over a secure facility would be minuscule in the event of a data breach and the expense that would cost your company.

If you have questions or would like to compare your cost of storage in Mini-Storage versus a secure facility, please call

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Vice President/General Manager
Archives Security, Inc.
ASI Document Imaging Services
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