We do more than provide a space to store your old documents and media. We provide you peace of mind, knowing your items are safe when stored with us. When you choose to use ASI’s services you can know that our facility and service are unmatched, bringing you the best solution for your document management needs. We are so confident in the quality of our facility we extend an invitation to all of our clients and potential clients to visit us and see the care we put into safely and securely managing all information entrusted to us.


We have equipped our facility with the best technology to ensure that its contents are protected from any threat. Whether it is our top of the line fire suppression systems, emergency backup generator, state of the art roofing system, off-site bunkered repository, or our top rated Firelock vault, storing your records with ASI is the safest way to preserve your information.


Our facility has the latest in security, surveillance and access control. All loading and unloading operations are conducted behind closed doors. Each delivery vehicle is equipped with an on-board GPS unit which provides real time tracking of all service activity. Our client’s privacy and security are of upmost importance to us.


At ASI, we take pride in our facility and regularly clean and maintain our record center, taking every precaution to keep your old documents and media in their best condition.